“Hello Dr Jo, I have my last IV tomorrow morning and I was wondering if there’s any kind of financial arrangement you might be able to offer for financial hardship?

I’ve been putting all my treatment on the credit card because I haven’t been able to work the past few months due to feeling unwell. The detox has been amazing and I’m feeling much better and also starting to create some traction for bringing money in again but I’m also worried that I won’t have the means to cover the final expenses for the program – the IV and the blood tests and in case of any further treatment needed the costs that come with that.

I also managed to promote your clinic to a few people and three of them signed up so I wonder if there’s some way you could also be able to help me out. Of course I don’t expect it.

I’ve had a genuinely amazing experience so far and I’ll continue promoting your clinic regardless and I’d also like to talk about potentially collaborating in the future as I’ll be running retreat in a few months in which I’d like to incorporate your program if we find a way how to.

Any thoughts on the above will be very much appreciated. Thank you and see you around”

Veronika15 May, 2023