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BSI is a group of highly dedicated health professionals, who design, manufacture, and prescribe more than 180 medicines. Integrative Natural Health and Therapies means we meld the best of ancient and modern medicines and therapies into a healthy practice unlike any other in the world.

So... What are we asking ?

Because BSI is multi-faceted, several combined or separate opportunities are available to interested donors…

  • Subsidize impoverished Indonesian patients.
  • Assistance in purchase of therapeutic equipment.
  • Finance additional BSI clinic locations.
  • Finance additional medical staff.
  • Expansion of laboratory equipment and staff.
  • We’re open to suggestion.

For the


Consider giving a boost to Not-for-Profit BSI International Clinics

We very much need to expand and improve our labs and clinics, and expand medical services and natural medicines.

100% of your donation will go to subsidize impoverished patients, laboratory expansion, medicine production facilities, and additional medical staff to administer more services.

We hope to once again begin offering alternative cancer and other services not found in mainstream medicine. In order to do this, we need more clinic rooms, nurses, and doctors, and most importantly, to preserve Dr. Jo’s legacy.

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