Ms. K. – May, 2020

“Good morning, Dr. Jo! I’d like to follow up with you and see if it’s possible to continue some IV therapy throughout my entire detox. I’m interested in taking NAD for it’s help with depression. I was wondering also if it’s safe to I try the Piracetam? Can these two be used together? I could really use help with anything that boosts mood and helps with mental fog and memory recall. In addition, can I continue the vitamin C and B complex and add glutathione? I’d like to do these as often as possible to reach an optimal level of health.

I also want to take time to let you know how much I appreciate your clinic. Your giving back and sharing what you’ve learned through your healing is really an inspiration to me. I was reaching a pretty low point mentally with the debilitating fatigue and it’s great to have hope that I may have a chance at life again. What your doing is incredible. Thank you. Kindest regards of peace,”

Ms. K.May, 2020