Daryl Andrews

“Dear BSI Team. After being home in Australia for just over 1 week I can say that I am still feeling amazing and can only now feel that I have a positive future going forward. I want the rest of my family to be healthy again too, I am in the process of organising my wife and three children to come back to Bali so they can get tested and treatment as well. I am planning for around October to November this year. I am assuming that they will follow and provide the same information process as I did initially?

I will be returning soon to continue my own infusions and I have told anyone who is suffering to make contact with you. The testing and treatment that you are providing is definitely working, unfortunately none of what you offer is allowed here in Australia.

I wish you well in the move to your new premisses and pray God keeps you all safe as you are an amazing group of people.”

Mr. Daryl Andrews13 May, 2023